Saving the best for last

Photo by On-Works International Multimedia Co., Ltd.

This past weekend, Hanging Out in the Museum came to a close at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. On the last day, the galleries were completely packed—over 14,000(!) visitors came to catch one last glimpse of the show. Cai also made a special trip to Taipei to make some closing remarks in person.

A few stats: over the course of three months, the exhibition drew approximately 220,000 visitors, and it was reported that thirty percent had never before been to an art museum. The exhibition topped TFAM’s Arcadie Dans les Collections du Centre Pompidou show and also set a record for having the highest attendance among contemporary art exhibitions in Taiwan.

What a nice surprise for us and our collaborators—we’re incredibly proud of this show and want to express our sincere gratitude to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Eslite, and everyone who came to see the show:

We loved working and hanging out in Taipei, and hope you’ll have us back again someday…

(The artist also celebrated by finally entering the Cultural Melting Bath for himself.)

Check out the official exhibition web site for more details (in Chinese).

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