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A Clan of Boats

Cai’s latest exhibition A Clan of Boats is well underway, and will be up until December 7, 2012 at the Faurschou Foundation (Copenhagen, Denmark).  The show features a set of new gunpowder drawings created with the assistance of local volunteers, the signature installation Reflection–A Gift from Iwaki and Freja: Explosion Event for Faurschou Foundation.

Videographer extraordinaires Mathias Nyholm Schmidt and Simon Weyhe documented the entire process on site–take a look:

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Mezcal Pouring!

Cai’s latest work in Mexico City, Sunshine and Solitude, features 14 gunpowder drawings surrounding a pond filled with volcanic rock and 10,000 liters of Mezcal.

Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the maguey plant native to Mexico. It can reach an alcohol content of 55%, with the smell of 10,000 liters somewhat…overwhelming. In this video, Karen from Cai Studio shows us a glimpse of the construction of the Mezcal pond, and interviews Cai, Hong Hong, and all the staff as they pour the liquid.

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Lincoln Center Talk

East Meets West on the Upper West Side, Wall Street Journal Discussion Panel

Shen Wei, Cai Guo-Qiang, Chinyan Wong, and Jeff Fowler at the "East Meets West on the Upper West Side" Wall Street Journal Discussion Panel

On July 1, 2009 Cai and Shen Wei gave a talk at Lincoln Center hosted by the Wall Street Journal. You can read about it and watch a video on the Wall Street Journal’s blog.

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Bilbao tour with CGQ

The Guggenheim Bilbao designed this microsite to promote the retrospective there. They also filmed a walkthrough with Cai so you can hear about the works straight from the horse’s mouth:

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Comparing notes with an astronomer

Public talk at Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Spain, March 12, 2009 (pictured, left to right: curator Alexandra Munroe, artist Cai Guo-Qiang, translator Lesley Ma, astronomer Montse Villar Martin)    Public talk at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, March 12, 2009 (pictured, left to right: curator Alexandra Munroe, artist Cai Guo-Qiang, translator Lesley Ma, astronomer Montserrat Villar-Martin). Photo by I-Hua Lee, courtesy Cai Studio

2009 is International Year of Astronomy in Spain…

Indeed, Montserrat Villar-Martin came well prepared with a Powerpoint presentation and no shortage of passion.  She displayed some of the early works, like the drawings A Certain Lunar Eclipse and The Immensity of Heaven and Earth, alongside selected astronomy images of her own.

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How we hang those cars

This video was commissioned by the Guggenheim Bilbao Communications department.  The work being installed is Inopportune: Stage One.

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